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    Alice's Alterations: Sequencing problem

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    Alice's Alterations has eight jobs to be completed and only one sewing machine (and one sewing machine operator). The following jobs are waiting to be scheduled for the sewing machine. The letter of the alphabet indicates the sequence in which the jobs arrived. It is now the beginning of Day 5.

    Job Processing Time (in days) Promised Time (days)
    A 5 10
    B 8 15
    C 6 15
    D 3 20
    E 10 25
    F 14 40
    G 7 45
    H 3 50

    a) Prioritize these jobs by SPT (shortest processing time), EDD (Earliest Due Date), FCFS (First Come First Serve) and Slack (Promised Time - Processing Time).

    b) Evaluate your priority sequences in a) on average flow time, average lateness, and number of jobs late.

    c) Based on your analysis in b), what sequencing scheme would you select? Why?

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