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Algebra topics

See the attached file.
1. Solve the radical equation: {see attachment}

2. Find the equation of the line through the point (-2,-4) and perpendicular to the line {see attachment}

3. Complete the square, find the vertex, the axis of symmetry, all the intercepts, and graph the parabola: {see attachment}

4. ... Find the compositions {see attachment}

5. Consider the function {see attachment}. Give:
? The Domain
? The Vertical asymptote
? The Horizontal asymptote
? The Graph

6. Find the following logarithms: {see attachment}

7. Express as a single logarithm and simplify: {see attachment}

8. Solve for t: Use a calculator. Round off your answer to two decimal places: {see attachment}

9. Solve for x: {see attachment}

10. In Chemistry the acidity of a substance is measured using the pH, which is defined as follows: pH = -log[H+], where H+ is the hydrogen ion concentration in moles per liter. The pH for vinegar is 5.8, find the H+.


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Topics in this set include solving equations, graphing, intercepts, asymptotes, parabolas, logarithms, and completing the square.