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    Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

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    1. Solve for x: ln(7x-1)=6
    Answer: a.57.4898 b.403.572 c.403.286 d.57.7755

    2. Solve for x: ln x = 3+ln(x-1)
    answer: a.3.95257 b.0.952574 c.1.0524 d.5.0524

    3. The half-life of carbon-14 is 5730 years. Find the percent of a sample present after 5370 years. Answer: a.101.25% b.52.23% c.100.05% d.47.5%

    4. If a principal of $870 is invested at an annual interest rate of 4 percent compounded annually, which is the account balance at the end of 6 years?
    Answer: a.$871 b.$1079 c.$1101 d.$1058

    5. Are the following function inverses of each other?
    answer: yes or no a. F(x)=x-1/3 b. G(x)=3x-1

    6. Identify the logarithmic expression written in exponential form. H=log29 g

    7. Evaluate the expression: log5 25 answer: a.1/5 b.1/2 c.5 d.2

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    Exponential and Logarithmic Functions are investigated.