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Word problems

Please help me understand how to solve these 2 word problems:

1.) McMoRan projects that in 2010 world grain supply will be 1.8 trillion metric tons and the supply will be only 3/4 of world grain demand. What will world grain demand be in 2010?

2.) Before Ronald sold two female rabbits, half of his rabbits were female. After the sale, only one third of his rabbits were female. If x represents his original number of rabbits than 1/2 x - 2 = 1/3(x - 2).

Solve the equation to find the number of rabbits that he had before the sale.

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If the world demand is x, then we can write an equation for x:

the supply is 3/4 of x, thus:

3x/4 = 1.8E12

3x = 4 * 1.8E12

x = ...

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