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Vertical Pole Supports and Anchors

1st one- One leg of an isosceles right triangle measures 12 meters long. Find the length of the hypotenuse of the triangle.? Would it be 12 over the sq rt of 2

2nd one
A wire is needed to support a vertical pole 18ft tall. A cable will be anchored to a stake and it forms a 30 degree with the ground. nearest tenth...
How far from the base of the pole is the anchor?
How much cable is needed for support

This one I have no idea how to do> I do know its a 30 60 90 triangle probelm...

Possible explenation would be appreciated..

3rd one.

A rectangular room has length of 23ft and a diagonal distance across the room of 36ft..
Find the width of the room? well if the diagonal distance is 36 would it be half of that.?
Find the area of the ractangular room? A= 23x 18 (half of 36) ..yes?

If these are wrong please correct me and tell me what I did wrong please

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1. Hypothnuse = SQRT(12^2 + 12^2) = 12*SQRT(2)
2. How far from the ...

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The vertical pole supports and anchors are discussed. The area and width of the rectangular room is found.