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    Solving simultaneous equations

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    Write equation slope intercept line satisfying the following condition. The line passes though (-6, 4) and is perpendicular to the line that has an x intercept 3 and a y intercept -9

    Solve each system or state the system is inconsistent or dependent.
    x/2= y+8/4, x+3/2=y+5/4

    Solve by using the substitution method.
    x/4 - y/4=-1

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    Slope of line that has an x intercept 3 and a y intercept -9 = -9/-3 = 3
    Thus, slope of required line = -1/3

    y -4= -1/3(x--6)

    That is, y = -x/3 - 2.

    Solve each ...

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