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    Two-Step Equations and Equations with Variables

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    The question is, can you help me solve problems like:

    5 - 2n = 8n -(-4n) ?

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    In problems like the one you sent me, you basically just want to put all the terms with a variable on one side of the equation, and put all the terms without a variable on the other side. That's the first part of doing these problems. So if we do that to your problem, we get this:

    5 - 2n = 8n - (-4n) First, cancel the two negatives.

    5 - 2n = 8n + 4n Now you add the two things on the right together

    5 - 2n = 12n Now we want to get all the terms that have
    an "n" in ...

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    This solution explains in a step-by-step process how to solve the problem: 5 - 2n = 8n -(-4n).