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Solving equations, difference between relation and function

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Find all real or imaginary solutions to each equation:
98. X - 1 = 2x - 3
X + 2 x + 4

Find exact and approximate solutions to each problem
106. One on one. Find two positive real numbers that differ by 1 and have a product of 1.

115. Decathlon champion. For 1989 and 1990 Dave Johnson had the highest decathlon score in the world. When Johnson reached a speed of 32 ft/sec on the pole vault runway, his height above the ground t seconds after leaving the ground was given by h = - 16t2 + 32t. (The elasticity of the pole converts the horizontal speed into vertical speed.) Find the value of t for which his height was 12 ft.

116. Time of flight. Using the information from Exercise 115 to determine how long Johnson was in the air. For how long was he more than 14 ft in the air?

Determine whether each relation is a function.
6. x2 = 1 + y2

Graph each relation and state its domain and range.
32. x = y2 - 1

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6. For a ...

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