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Slpoe and Solution

#1 Find slope given the following points: (2,5) and (2,1)

#2. Find slope given the following points: (-3,-1) and (-2,4)

#3. Write the point-slope form of the line using the requirements below, then use the point slope form of the equation to write the slope intercept form.
Slope = 6 passing through (-4,7)

#4) A line passes through the point (4, -3) and (-2, 6). Find the equation of the line in slope intercept form.

Solve the system by method of your choice:

#5) 3y = 2x
2x + 9y = 24

#6) 3x + 2y = -3
2x - 5y = 17

#7) In a discount clothing store, all sweaters are sold at one fixed price, and all shirts are sold at another fixed price. If one sweater and three shirts cost $42, while three sweaters and two shirts cost $56, find the price of one sweater and one shirt.

#8) The function f(x)=0.071x^2 +1.66x +83.74 models the percentage of high school seniors in the US who have ever used alcohol x years after 1970. Find and interpret f(10).

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