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Probability of Rain as a Linear Function

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Can you please help me with these two word problem-examples? (Rental Charge)
1) The charge C for renting an air hammer from Taylor Rentals is a linear function of the number n of days in the rental period. The charge is $113 for two days and $209 for for five -days. Write C as a linear function of n. What would the charge be for five days??
(Probability of Rain)
(2) When the probability p of rain is 90%, the probability of q that it does not rain is, 10%. When the probability of rain is 80%, then the probability that it does not rain is 20%.

I need to know exactly how to break these problems down and if you could explain in detail step by step for this process.

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The solution determines the probability of rain as a linear function.

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A linear function is always written in teh form f(x) = ax + b, where a and b are constants to be determined.
Here we have C(n) = an + b
For n = 2, C(2) = $113
Therefore, 113 = 2a + b ....(i)
For n = 5, C(5) = $209
Therefore, ...

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