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    Non-dimensionalising Differential Equations

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    Two species with populations N1(t) and N2(t) interact according to the model:

    (dN_1/d_t)=r_1N_1(1-(N_1/K_1) - b_12(N_2/K_1),


    Non-dimensionalise the system (7) so that:

    (d_u/d_t) = u (1- u - au), (d_u/d_t) = pv (1-Bu),

    finding explicit formulae for the new constraints p, a, and B in terms of the constants of equation (7).

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    The equations are:
    We set the non dimensional variables
    Where are scaling constants with the appropriate dimensions.
    Then, using the ...

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    The solution shows, in details, how to find appropriate scaling factors in order to convert species population model differential equations to non-dimensional equations.