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Line Equations :Find Equation Given Point and Perpendicular Line and Find Point

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1: Write the standard form of the equation of the line passing through the point (1,-2) and perpendicular to the line y=-3/2x-2

2: The line through A(-3,-4) and B(-2,Y) is perpendicular to a line with a slope -1/7. Find y

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A line equation is found given a point and perpendicular line. A point is found given another point and a perpendicular line.

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1. First of all we need to find the slope of first equation. Formula of slope of an equation y=ax-b

is m = -a/b

thus for the equation y=-3/2x-2 our slope is m= - (-3/2)/1 = 3/2

A line which is perpendicular to that ...

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