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    Existence and uniqueness of solutions for IVPs

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    What is the best statement that you can make about the existence and uniqueness of the solutions of the following initial value problems? (Please see attached).

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    Hello there,

    Recall Picard's Existence Theorem which says that when y' = f (y,t) where f is continuous then if the Lipschitz condition Modulus[ f(y1,t) - f(y2,t)] less than or equal to K Modulus[y1 - y2] is satisfied where

    {(y,t): Modulus[y - y0] < b, Modulus[t - t0] < a} then y has a unique solution in the locality

    Modulus[t - t0] < d = Min [a, b/Sup[f]]

    This just means that f is well-behaved in the neighbourhood of a reference point.

    For equation 1, f = Sin[ty] + 1/t and y(1) = 2.

    f and its partial derivative with respect to y ( t Cos [ty]) exist and are continuous in the region around t = 1, so at least in that locality there is a unique solution. It looks that the unique ...

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    This shows how to determine the existence and uniqueness of solutions to initial value problems.