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    examples of distance and measurement

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    1. If the distance from the earth to the sun were 92,900,000 miles, how long would it take a rocket, traveling at 2.8 × 103 miles per hour, to reach the sun? (Round to three places)

    2. A circular window of radius 13 inches is to be laminated with a sun block coating that costs $0.95 per square inch to apply. What is the total cost of coating the window, to the nearest cent?
    3. A cubical box measures 55 centimeters on each side. If the contents are worth $0.17 per cubic centimeter, how much are the contents worth?
    4. For a holiday party, Sarah is making a four-layer torte, which consists of four 8-inch diameter cake layers with a cream topping on each layer. She knows that one recipe of cream will cover 45 square inches of cake. How many batches of the topping must she make to complete her torte? (Use п = 3.14 as an approximate value)

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    1. (assuming 2.8 x 103 is actually 2.8 x 10^3)

    92900000/2.8 x 10^3 (which is actually ...

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