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My opinion on an injury case

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How do you write an opinion letter on the following personal injury case:

On January 1, 2012 Ima N. Payne, a single, Washington state resident, was seriously injured when she fell through an open manhole. She was awarded compensatory damages by a jury on May 1, 2012 of $500,000 for her injuries, $100,000 for lost wages, and $200,000 for pain and suffering. The lost wages she received related only to the time she was out of work because of her injury. The compensatory damages represent actual losses plus anticipated future expenses. No amount of the award was for emotional distress or punitive damages. All care for her injuries ceased April 30, 2012. She received the award as a lump sum. No amount of the medical expense was deducted on a prior tax return. She has paid thirty percent of the amount received as legal fees and $5,000 in court costs.

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Statement of Legal Issues

The legal issues in this case are the question of negligence as a result of the improper maintenance of a city manhole. Tort liability in reference to the city is the legal issue in this case as the failure to maintain the manhole resulted in the citizen being injured. The city has a responsibility to maintain a reasonable amount of safety for their citizens when and to reasonably ensure that the citizen does not face hazards that should be aware to the city. Because of the malfeasance on behalf of the city officials' responsible for this vital safety, the citizens were placed in jeopardy.

Statement of Facts

Ima ...

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The purpose of this solution is to provide the student with a rendition of my own personal opinion in regard to an injury case that resulted in the settlement by a city in the United States toward the injured vicitm. The resident was a Washington State resident whom was injured by a manhole and recieved compensation of $500,000 for her injuires and and addtional $300,000 for loss of wages and pain and suffering. This solution provides my opinion on the efficacy and accuracy of the award in accordance to the law.