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    Leadership Styles

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    You have discovered that 2 or more officers have been observed consorting with known drug dealers. There have also been reports that officers are using drugs during their private parties. This is a close-knit unit and you are concerned that these activities might go well beyond officers you know about one of these officers have notices in the personnel file regarding use of force issues, though no administrative action has been taken. One of the officers is known to be more of a follower and his file is fairly clean.

    You are the immediate supervisor. Select a leadership method that you believe addresses the issue. Report your solution in the blog.

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    There is much information and literature on leadership styles and methods. Some of them include: Autocratic leaders, Democratic leaders, Laissez-faire, Commanding, Visionary, ...

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    The expert examines the types of leadership styles that are best for making difficult decisions. The expert selects a leadership method that they believe addresses the issues. The solution is reported in a blog.