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The Ethical and Legal Aspects of Healthcare

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As an employee of the hospital one day you noticed two nurses laughing as they were reading something off a computer screen. you inquired as to what they were laughing at and they proceeded to show you what they were reading. The nurses had looked up important on a rather unique incident of a patient who entered the emergency room a couple of weeks ago. They were discussing it and one of the nurses was in the process of printing out this information to share with another one of her friends that worked in the hospital.

As a group, arrive at answers which you can justify for each of the following question:

1. What would you do if you were faced with this situation?(1 Paragraph)

2.What are some of potential issues that can arise now that patient information is stored electronically and can be accessed quickly and easily by a number of individuals?(1 Paragraph)

3. What are some ways in which a patient's confidentiality can be better guarded with the use of technology?(1 Paragraph)

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Referring to the scenario, this solution discusses the ethical and legal aspects of healthcare e.g. privacy issue, as it relates to the situation e.g. employee discussing private patient infromation

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