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    Internet Issues and the Law

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    What are the inherent issues that arise in applying law to the internet?

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    Here are questions regarding what is legal and what might be illegal if done online:
    Suppose you buy something online; was that online contract you clicked on really enforceable, even if you just scrolled down and did not read it?

    ? Does receiving pornography in the office e-mail from other employees constitute sexual harassment?

    ? Can someone insult you online and get away with it?

    ? Can they find information online to stalk you?

    ? What can you legally place on your website?

    ? And what are you not legally allowed to put on your website?

    ? Do you own your domain name?

    ? Can a public library censor your use of its Internet linked computers?

    ? Can someone else read your e-mail?

    ? Is it legal to gamble online?

    ? How "private" is your private information after you disclose it to a ...

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    Legal issues that arise in applying law to the internet.