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Minority Candidate Applying to Law School

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Topic One
The legal profession plays a vital role in the pursuit of justice and in sustaining the institutions of society, including governments, private corporations and organizations, nonprofit organizations, families and individuals. Please write a statement discussing why you want to become a member of the legal profession and why you think you are prepared for the ethical, professional, and time demands of the profession.

Topic Two
What is your reason for choosing the University of North Carolina School of Law? How does the institution meet your educational and/or your professional goals?

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The solution discusses minority candidate applying to law school.

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This is a sample of the paper, but you should ensure that you incorporate your own experiences and reasoning in your paper that you will write.

The legal profession is predicated upon the upholding of the human rights and legal precedents that characterize lawful and just societies. The cornerstone of democracy and our current civilization that has witnessed the most prosperity and growth through technological advances and human consciousness on inalienable rights for world citizens are predicated upon the tenets of the legal profession. These are the primary reasons why I have chosen to continue this tradition that has been set forth by the legal profession and enter law school, but not just any law school.

I have chosen to enter one of the most prestigious law schools in the nation and indeed the first public state university in the United States. I will elaborate more about the reasons for choosing the University of North Carolina's School of Law in the next section, but many of the reasons for why I believe I am prepared for the legal profession is in accordance with UNC's School of Law core tenets.

I am prepared for the ethical, professional, and time constraints that are associated with the legal profession because I ...

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