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    Ted Bundy description of personality traits

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    Analyse the Ted Bundy case and answer the following:

    1. Why do you think this case study can be categorized as unique? Justify your answer using examples and reasoning.

    2. How do the psychobiology and biochemical theories of violent behavior explain this case study?

    3. Which of the social construction theoriesâ?"social structure, social class, or social control theoryâ?"best explains of this case study?

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    This case is unique because according to women who survived encounters with this psychopathic deranged madman; Bundy was attractive, personable, and an "all-American" guy. The killer used these skills even after the fact to amass women who wrote him letters and followed his case intensely. The ability to use seemingly normal looks to lure in his victims without any fear from otherwise normal and cautious women was his strength in a deviant sense.

    1. Why do you ...

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    This solution gives an analysis on the Ted Bundy serial killer case specifically detailing what made Bundy such a unique killer in the serial killer's profile, so much so that he was able to amass a bevy of women after beiing incarcerated and put on death row,