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    right wing and left wing groups have influenced the terror scene in the United States

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    Cite how right wing and left wing groups have influenced the terror scene in the United States.

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    If only the influence of the right wing and the left wing groups' influences on the terror scene were that simple to define. Richard K. Betts (2002) opines that "The awful truth is that even the best intelligence systems will have big failures. The terrorists that intelligence must uncover and track are not inert objects; they are living, conniving strategists" (Betts, R.K. 2002; Howard & Sawyer 2004). Betts, after a study of history back through Pearl Harbor concluded that reforms may improve the nation's attempts to prevent terrorist attacks, but there are too many "policymakers and pundits" (id) consider any reorganization the answer when it is essentially a "quick fix" (id).
    Should counterterrorism be a judicial or a military process? Asks Norwitz (2002). He believes that the judicial "paradigm" (Norwitz, 2002; Howard & Sawyer 2004) is simply too far behind to address the problem and that this raises a serious problem for the citizenry, and this peculiar idea has probably been the major reason that we have a "War on Terror." But caution must be observed here. As early as 1840, Alexis de Tocqueville, in discussing the organization of society, believed that war increases this organization and cautions
    War does not always give democratic societies over to military government, but it must invariably and immeasurably increase the powers of civil government; it must automatically concentrate the direction of all men and the control of all things in the hands of government. . . All those who seek to destroy the freedom of the democratic nations must know that war is the surest and shortest means to accomplish this. That is the very first axiom of their science (Tocqueville, 1840; Black 1976).
    Some, such as David J. Rothkopf (2002) believe that corporations and government must work together in order to develop a "regiment of geeks" (Rothkopf, D. 2002; Howard & Sawyer, 2004). As dangerous as it is for information to leak out of the government, how secure could corporations be; or, was he contemplating matters, such as records of citizens' phone calls being required from phone companies without warrants and without any indication that any of these citizens ...

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