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    Professionalization in Security

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    Define professionalization. What effect do education, training, and research have on the professionalization of security? What does this mean for its future?

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    Training and education is the foundation of any career field; regardless of the industry in which one operates in. In saying this, management must ensure their employees maintain their continuing education in order to improve their personal and professional development. In turn, management must understand that sustaining training needs is rewarding for the employee, organization, and industry as whole and can greatly impact work output. As one of the fastest growing industries in the world, the security industry has become the primary focus of many organizations over the last decade. Protecting physical and liquid assets against criminals around the world is the primary focus of many organizations. The security professional has made great strides in order to professionalize the industry of security through education and training. Below we'll define professionalization and the impact that education, training, and research have on the professionalization of security. Additionally we'll discuss what this means for its future.

    The concept of professionalization within any industry is establishing guidelines that require prerequisites such as age, education, certifications, continuing education, and training in order to operate within said field. Since 9/11 we've seen a major increase in the need for domestic and international security agents that has spawned major corporations to meet these needs. The security professional must maintain sound oversight in how the security industry is changing in order to stay abreast of requirements, certifications, ...

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    The expert defines professionalization in security. The effects on education, training and research on the professionalization of security is determined.