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    Walgreens:Forms of Legitimacy in an Organization

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    Evaluate Walgreens retail store using the tables in attached below for each form of legitimacy. Provide clear, concise responses to each of the questions.
    1. What aspects of people-based, product-based, and organization-based legitimacy are evident from the research about this retail store? Explain (give example to support the response. Also state any sources used in the research besides the visit to the business.)
    2. What aspects (if any) appear to be lacking? (Provide specific examples to support the response.)
    3. How does the retail store apparent legitimacy impact your impression of this business...and how do you think it impacts the success of the business in the marketplace?
    4. What level of professionalization is demonstrated by the business? Explain (give examples to support the response.)

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    This detailed solution evaluates Walgreens based on each form of legitimacy. It describes the aspects of people-based, product-based, and organization-based legitimacy that are evident from research about the chain, utilizing examples. It also suggests areas that the chain is lacking, how impressions are impacted, and the level of professionalism demonstrated by the chain. Examples are used to support information. APA formatted references are included.