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    Eyewitness Misidentification

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    Access the website for the Innocence Project and the link on the site regarding misidentification of criminal suspects:


    View the video that discusses the Ronald Cotton case. After watching the video, write a one page reaction paper to the video that answers the following questions:

    What did you learn about the Innocence Project and eyewitness identification?
    What surprised you the most?
    What steps, if any, do you think should be taken to make the identification process more reliable?

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    What did you learn about the Innocence Project and eyewitness identification?

    Eyewitness identification is a flawed form of identification that has resulted in countless innocent people being convicted of crimes they did not commit. Victims of crime are notoriously unable to accurately identify their attackers because a myriad of factors including but notwithstanding fear, post-traumatic stress, delirium, and panic. These all can distort the positive identification by an eyewitness yet courts still allow this flawed form of identification to be touted as credible in courts. Many jurors ...

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    The expert examines eyewitness misidentification for the Ronald Cotton case. A one page reaction paper is provided after watching a video.