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    How the Supreme Court chooses cases

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    What elements are essential to creating a thorough case analysis? How does each element help the Supreme Court justices focus on the information that is most relevant to the case?

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    When determining whether or not to hear a case, which is the first step for the justices', the most important facet in the analysis of the case is whether the Court has jurisdiction in the case. The next analytical focal point is analyzing the makeup of the case to determine if it could be better addressed by political means or through the other two branches of government either legislative or executive because the Court refuses to rule on political cases (This Nation, 2012).

    The Court also analyses the efficacy of what their ruling will mean toward a real and established controversy, which must be present in the case as opposed to hypothetical questions that will be refused. Finally, ...

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    This solution examines and discusses the process of Certiorari in relation to how the Supreme Court analyzes potential cases before deciding whether to accept or reject these cases.