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    Child Support Variance State-to-State

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    Create a fact situation involving two parents, John Smith and Mary Smith, and one infant child Billy Smith. Facts should include the income and resources available to each parent.

    - How much would each parent owe in child support in Florida?

    - On the Internet, use the online worksheets of any two other states to determine how much the Smiths would owe in child support in each state.

    You can make up any financial facts that you need, but be sure to use the same facts in the calculations for all three states.

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    You can use www.alllaw.com to calculate all the states used in this summary.

    - How much would each parent owe in child support in Florida?
    $604 after factoring in these potential factors that could influence the amount such as Net Monthly Income of Non-Custodial Parent: 3000 Net Monthly Income of Custodial Parent: 1200 Number of children who are the subject of the pending action: 1 Monthly cost of daycare paid by Non-Custodial Parent: 100 Monthly cost of daycare paid by Custodial Parent: ...

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