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Lindholm V. Brant Case Assessment

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What are the details of the Lindholm V. Brant case?

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The details of the Lindholm V. Brant Case is examined.

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Lindholm v. Brant, 283 Conn. 65 (2006) 925 A.2d 1048, was decided under Conn. Gen. Stat § 42a-2-403. In this case, the court held that even though the defendant failed to verify his purchase of Red Elvis from Anders Malmberg with the plaintiff, who owned the painting, the defendant still rightfully took possession of it in the ordinary course of business.

To come to this conclusion, the court examined the facts and applied them to Conn. Gen. Stat § 42a-2-403. The relevant facts are that the Plaintiff originally owned a Warhol painting entitled Red Elvis. When the plaintiff purchased Red Elvis in 1987 from Malmberg, an art dealer, she received an invoice on his stationary. The plaintiff anonymously lent Red Elvis to the MOMA beginning in 1989. Though several museums intended to borrow the painting, the plaintiff only casually involved herself in arranging those loans. Malmberg was associated with and dealt with the painting publicly.

In 2000, the defendant negotiated with ...

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