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Interview Employment Law Scenario

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You are the Office Manager for an advertising firm. Your firm has 10 employees, of which four are partners, four are admins for the respective partners, one is the receptionist and the last one is you.

The principal partner, whose name is first on the door and who generates the most income for the firm, has had a regular turnover of admins. The partner requires them to be at work before him and leave after him. He arrives at work at 0730 and leaves at 1930 each day. He also likes to work on Sunday afternoons and requires the admin to come in and do work with him.

The last admin, for her exit interview, related that she was a single mom with two kids in day care and that the hours were too long, though the pay was good- $50,000 plus great benefits. However, he also treated her quite poorly- being sarcastic and condescending to her.

When you talk to the principal partner, he states that you know the drill as to hours and pay. He also says with a wink and a smile- no mothers or pregnant women. Perhaps an older woman or a gay male would best suit his needs.

What do you say to him? (Laws in violation?)
What do you post in any ad for the job?
What information would you seek from any candidate?
What information would you provide to any candidate?

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This solution discusses the employment law scenario presented. Each question is thoroughly discussed and all pertinent legal elements are explained.

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What do you say to him? (Laws in violation?)

- The principal partner cannot discriminate against any class, including mothers and pregnant women. I would tell the principal partner that if we hire an applicant solely because she is an older woman or a person with specific sexual orientations, that it creates a bias in hiring, which is against certain federal laws. The principal partner should be aware of the various laws that are involved, including Title VII of the Civil Rights Act (protects sexual orientation), and other laws, including the Pregnancy Discrimination Act. While there is no federal law against hiring an elderly person, the partner should be reminded that to avoid liability, the person should ...

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