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    Identify an employment law case pertaining to disability.

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    Identify an employment law case pertaining to disability.
    Provide a brief summary and identify the statute or regulation interpreted in the case. Explain the relationship between the case and relevant statutes and/or regulations. Examin how the statute and/or regulations have evolved through case interpretation. Describe how the case impacts the employment environment.

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    There are many, many employment law cases involving disability. One is Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Kentucky, Inc. v. Williams, which went all the way to the US Supreme Court. The case involved an employee who developed carpal tunnel syndrome, a repetitive-stress injury resulting in pain in her arms and hands. Her physician placed her on permanent work restrictions that included restrictions on lifting and constant repetitive extension of her wrists or elbows. In response, Toyota transferred Ms. Williams to a job within the facility inspecting the paint on cars. The company later expanded Ms. Williams' duties to include wiping the cars with oil as they passed by at the rate of a car a minute. Ms. Williams requested that Toyota accommodate her physical condition by returning her to the original duties in the new position so that she would not have to perform the repetitive wiping of the oil on the cars. No accommodation was made and Ms. Williams ...

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    An employment law case pertaining to disability is summarized.