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    Gender Discrimination Case Study

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    Linda was employed with Southern Telephone Company as a telephone operator for 10 years. Bored with this job, she applied for an open position as a telephone repairman which paid $10.00 per hour more than she was earning as a telephone operator. This position required the employee to be able to climb to the top of a telephone pole wearing a tool belt weighing approximately 15 to 20 lbs to make repairs. Southern Telephone Company refused to admit Linda into the training program for the position claiming that she was incapable of performing the duties of the position because she was female.

    Discuss this scenario from both Linda's and Southern Telephone Company's points of view, including the basis for the relevant claims and defenses.

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    This scenario is a blatant and illegal violation of Linda's constitutional rights afforded by the 14th amendment's equal protection clause that outlaws the use of discrimination in the workplace based on gender, race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. The fact that Southern Telephone Company has the audacity to deny the job to Linda because she is female would expose them to libel suits and possible investigations of civil rights ...

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    The expert discusses the scenario from both Linda's and Southern Telephone Company's points of view.