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    Employment Law Scenario

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    You are the Vice President of Operations for a large company, which occupies three floors of a building in an office park.

    Last week, Steve, who is in charge of the basement copy room, comes to you and tells you that his psychiatrist has diagnosed him with Anxiety NOS and that due to the adverse impact upon his health; he cannot take the appropriate medication. His doctors say that the best way for Steve to deal with his anxiety at work is to bring his dog, a Teacup Chihuahua, (Poochie Pie) to work. At times of stress, he can pet Poochie Pie and this contact will reduce his anxiety to workable levels. He says that he will keep Poochie Pie in her travel container, only taking her out to pet her when needed and walking her at set times. How do you handle his request?

    Word filters out that Steve has asked to bring Poochie Pie to work. An administrative assistant on the top floor, Carla, comes to you and says that she is afraid of dogs due to the fact that she was bitten by a dog when she was three. Any contact with dogs cause her to break out in hives.

    How do you handle her request?

    Please use formal academic support to sustain your analysis.

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    The first thing that I would do is to ensure that there are no present company policies that strictly forbid pets at the organization, and if so, ascertain if any exceptions can be made due to medical reasons. I would also seek to ascertain if any of the workers within the basement copy room have any allergic reactions to dogs, fear of dogs, or otherwise any objection to Steve ...

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