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    Training a Diverse Group

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    Suppose you are designing a training program for a group of 40 employees. These employees come from a wide range of ethnic and cultural backgrounds and have different educational and experience backgrounds relative to the content area of the training. What training design features would you use to address these constraints?

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    Training For Those from Different Ethnic and Racial Backgrounds

    Very soon the definition and the designation of "minority" will lose its meaning: It is projected that by 2042, minorities will become the majority of the population-and soon; the majority of children will be minorities. This shift has already started-and will continue to bring increasing changes to the workplace. Despite this however; most in management are still not as aware as they should be-and there will be a backlash of sorts if this is not remedied in time to prepare for the increase in diversity. Our nation's population is getting more and more diverse, and so naturally the workplace is as well. The population will be even more racially and ethnically diverse, and older and by 2050, it will be approximately 450 million from 310 million. It is important space is made for such dramatic at work.

    Culture is very important for many aspects other corporate business world today-especially with the changing demographics around us Business must deal with diversity, whether it is in the office; overseas as they negotiate business contracts deals; employees; customers; suppliers and stakeholders. Cross-cultural research shows, that cultural awareness and valuing diversity are crucial these days and can make or break a business. As such, businesses tend to be more successful when they can provide substance and value to modern management practices and techniques.

    There are so many (close to 200)-all with the same message. However, Hofstede has described it as: "A collective programming of the mind which distinguishes one group from another" (Hofstede 1991, p. 25). As well-"Mental programming ... patterns of thinking and feeling and potential acting" (Hofstede 1991, p.4).Many people from different ethnic groups still have much to learn about each other, the workplace is often a place this becomes very evident, and people display (some unwittingly) racially offensive behavior. It is in every employee's and employers' best interest to avoid culturally inappropriate behaviors in the workplace. This should include: Mandatory racial and cultural sensitivity training-so employees can be aware of what is considered in our society to be politically correct or incorrect.

    At the end of the day? Training should always leave workers feeling better, more competent and that even if something goes wrong - there will be someone to go to where you will be listened to and not be judged. Getting along with coworkers is not always easy; it does require effort and patience to maintain a peaceful, ...

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