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Review of Frida Kahlo's Art

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Read and review the art of Frida Kahlo.

What do you think inspires Frida? Do you think she is a strong or weak person and why? Comment on one of her pieces of artwork and talk about your reactions (likes/dislikes) after viewing and reading about it.

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What do you think inspires Frida?
Frida suffers from both disease and pain. Her disease would affect her greatly, especially as she aged and was unable to continue many things she liked to do. Polio, while it can be "cured," can also return and affect the body in ways it originally affected it. Then she has so much pain from a near fatal injury that would affect parts of her body. These had the combined effect of making her feel as though she was damaged beyond hope. However, the inspiration comes from the belief that she is good and has talent and can attain whatever goals she wishes to achieve. Her prediction of her love of Rivera, her marriage and continued ...

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This solution of 495 words provides a review of the strength and problems of Frida Kahlo, touching on her inspiration, strength of character and an analysis of her pieces of artwork.