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Oscar Acceptance Speech

Please help with the following problem.

This posting provides tips about how to write an Oscar acceptance speech. It also offers a brief acceptance speech if you won an Oscar award.

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Although this speech topic is highly personal, I offer you a brief model from my perspective. Once you write your own, please feel free to send to me for editing and feedback:

Since researchers recommend to open "with graciously acknowledging the award, prize, honor or gift. Express gratitude for the recognition" (www.speech-topics-help.com/acceptance-speech.html), you may want to first start with a gratitude line,
Thank you to my fans, the Academy, my fellow colleagues, Denzel Washington, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (or feel free to add your favorite actors or actresses here), and to my family for this prestigious honor. It definitely beats my other trophies for the 6th grade spelling bee and 8th grade relay race! ...

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The following posting offers a mock acceptance speech for the Oscars. Extra references are also provided.