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Adab -training, views, contribution, role in Abbasid period

Please explain to me the Adab's attitutde toward religion, literature, and philosophy; what was his training; and what did they really do to contribute to society and tell me what their role in the Abbasid period if you can.

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The concept of adab
Adab in modern Arabic simply is the term for literature. In classical Arabic usage, under 'Abbasid time, adab,, is a concept with two interrelated sides, a literary side and a socio-ethical side.
On the socio-ethical side adab designates a wide range of social and ethical virtues, like good manners, tact, grace, indulgence towards friends, refined taste, courage, erudition and literary skill. On the literary side adab signifies literary production and scholarship that deal with or have a connection to these socio-ethical subjects. Adab, thus, is ...

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The solution explains Adab's attitutde toward religion, literature, and philosophy.