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Great Powers assimilate Turkish provinces

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Describe the various geo-strategic, military and religious policies used by the European Great Powers (Austria, Russia, France, Great Britain, Italy) to annex key Turkish provinces and ultimately partitionand destroy the declining Ottoman-Turkish Empire (1700s-1919).

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What did the Great Powers use as military and religious policies?

Though the European Great Powers truly played a role in the destruction of the Ottoman Empire, it had been in decline for several centuries. Famine and plague in Egypt and Aleppo, reliance on agriculture and military expansion as sources of wealth rather than investing in manufacturing and industrialization played key roles in weakening the empire in comparison to European powers.

Geo-strategic policies:
European financiers controlled the money that was used for building railroads. Railroads became the dominant transportation technology in the early to mid-1800's and were used for trade, war and communication across Europe. Though the European part of the Ottoman Empire benefitted from the railroads, the long distances and low population density in the Asian bulk of the Empire was not an attractive investment opportunity for European money lenders and railroad tycoons.

While the Ottoman Empire enjoyed a sound financial policy for most of ...

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