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Western Civilization

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Question 1

Which was not true of life as a factory worker in the early nineteenth century?

a high percentage of workers were women and children

employers used fines and physical punishment to impose discipline

government regulation protected workers from cyclical unemployment

workers frequently labored twelve hours or more a day

children and women were paid less than men

Question 2

The Congress of Vienna's goal was to

promote national self-determination.

restore the balance of power.

contain Prussian aggression.

allocate overseas colonies fairly among the Great Powers.

contain Metternich's expansionist ambitions.

Question 3

Which concept is not representative of conservative thought as it evolved in response to the French Revolution?

social order

natural rights of the individual

humanity as proud and wicked


social hierarchy

Question 4

The utopian socialists Saint Simon, Fourier, and Owen

rejected all private property.

accepted the place allotted women in bourgeois society.

believed that sensual pleasure should be suppressed.

believed that modern economic development was damaging the community.

believed that competition was essential to creating a free society.

Question 5

After the fall of Napoleon, France

reverted to the social and political order that had characterized the old regime before 1789.

was refused a place among the great nations of Europe.

kept many changes of the revolutionary and Napoleonic regimes.

experienced more repression than any other European country.

disintegrated into civil war.

Question 6

The majority of Europeans in the nineteenth century were

industrial workers.



members of the middle class.


Question 7

Which statement is true about nineteenth-century industrial workers?

housing conditions were better than in the country

working conditions made them highly susceptible to diseases such as tuberculosis

for the most part, employment was dependable

no matter how poor their wages, they could count on being paid

workers' standard of living dramatically increased in the late nineteenth century

Question 8

Economic differentiation meant that

different countries specialize in economic activities most suited to their climate and resources.

different types of business organization are allowed by law.

workers must learn a variety of skills to stay employed.

groups and institutions become more specialized by function as industrialization progresses.

family members specialized in distinct skills

Question 9

Which best describes the fortunes of political reformers in Spain and Italy in the decade after the fall of Napoleon?

revolts in favor of a constitutional government were put down by outside forces

free press led to occasional arrests but brought reformers a mass following

reformers gained the support of the Catholic church

their movements lost ground as traditional rulers proved capable of providing stable, efficient governments

Italian intervention prevented the establishment of a constitutional government

Question 10

The Decembrists

assassinated Alexander.

upheld serfdom.

called for a Russian constitution.

were defeated by Alexander.

called for the restoration of Napoleon.

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This solution outlines various historical events about Western Civilization. These include: Congress of Vienna, Conservative thought during the French revolution, the utopian socialists Saint Simon, Fourier, and Owen, the Decembrists, and nineteenth century industrial workers.

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Question 1
Which was not true of life as a factory worker in the early nineteenth century?

Government regulations did NOT protect workers from cyclical unemployment. Workers, who were mostly women and young children, were easily replaceable. Furthermore, they were not paid well, were treated poorly, and were often abused if they complained or worked too slowly.

Question 2
The Congress of Vienna's goal was to...

The Congress of Vienna was an international conference that was called in order to remake Europe after the downfall of Napoleon I. Many territorial decisions had to be made in the conference that was held in Vienna, Austria, from September 1814 to June 1815. The main goal of the conference was to create a balance of power that would preserve the peace.

Question 3
Which concept is not representative of conservative ...

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