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    Vietnam War: the US Push and Failure.

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    Discuss the government's need to come to terms with reality that they cannot save every country in the world as in the case of Vietnam and the Vietnam War.

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    The Vietnam War

    This war, fought from 1955 to 1955 was a 'proxy-war', a product of the then ongoing Cold-War between the US & USSR. The superpowers were fighting over ideologies, democracy vs. communism, itself an offshoot of the disagreement over the Marshall Plan of post-WW2 reconstruction whereby the debate centered on how the world should be reconstructed - the kind of government, the way economics and markets should be, how society should be - after the defeat of the AXIS powers. Russia & the US emerged as the most powerful nations then but both disagreed on the best course of action. In Vietnam, the US supported the South and the Russians & China supported the North. While the military might tipped to the favour of the US, a host of reasons - the fierce fighting of over a decade created combat fatigue not only in the soldiers but above all among the public. Human Rights campaigners in the US banded with anti-war campaigners and images of devastation and human cost shifted public opinion ...

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    The solution provides information, assistance and advise in tackling the topic of the need of the US government to come to terms with the reality of the likelihood that not all countries in the world can be 'saved' as was the case of Vietnam during the Vietnam War and the repercussion thereof. The solution focuses on the Vietnam War, the reasons behind (and the realities of) the US Push, and the topic of power, influence and interest as it relates to the latter. Resources are listed for further exploration of the topic.