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    The Vietnam War: A 20th Century Experience

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    How can we assess the impact that deploying individually rather than by unit had on those who served those tours?

    How might that differ betweenthose who had joined the army voluntarily and those who had been conscripted for service by the selective service.

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    The Army, in particular put a lot of thought into the merits of individual versus unit deployments after the Vietnam War. In the end, it was decided that Unit deployment had so many positive things in its favor that would be Army policy in future wars. What were the negatives to unit deployment you may ask? They were several and all had different effects on unit combat effectiveness, which is the ultimate deciding factor on whether policies should be adhered to or not.

    Perhaps the gravest and most deleterious effect of individual deployment was a loss of unit cohesion. In explanation, because military units tend to be like small towns, the longer they are together the better, they fight.Individual deployments made it so that every soldier largely fought an individual fight instead of concentrating on what the unit's mission was. They tended to focus on when they were leaving and not on the mission, because soldiers tended to focus on when they ...

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    A discussion of the merits of individual versus unit deployment of Servicemembers during wartime.