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    Sample Art Commission Statement

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    I need help preparing a 1,050- to 1,400-word commission statement for a cross sculpture that is to be placed at the entrance, or in the lobby, of a new Christian and Jewish Interfaith Cultural and Historical Center. The commission statement must address the following items:

    o Explain how the piece will represent developments in world events and cultural patterns past and present in Judaism and Christianity and why it is appropriate for the proposed location.

    o Discuss why the group believes that the commissioned piece will reflect the Jewish and Christian concepts of humanity's relationship to nature and the individualâ??s relationship to the world and deity.

    o Discuss the value of commissioning such a piece for this location, how the piece is expected to enhance the intellectual and physical environments, and how it represents some aspect or feature of the Cultural and Historical Center.

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    Dear Student,
    Hello and thank you for using Brainmass. The solution below should get you started. I hope that by now you are quite familiar with an art commission statement. Simply put, it is a document that explains the purpose, motivation, ideals and inspirations behind a particular work of art, one that is 'commissioned' where artists are hired for the creation of particular pieces that are to serve certain statements and intentions as requested and needed by those who hire them. The solution below is an example of this. I suggest however to do more reading/research on the object of the commission to allow you more information to 'bridge' these 2 religions that one way or the other contend or oppose in certain aspects. You can do this by researching the role of the cross in Jewish history and in Christian history. Good luck with your paper. If you have any questions regarding the information provided, do let me know via the feedback section and I'll try to clarify them for you.

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    Art Commission Statement: The Cross 'Bridge' Sculpture

    The Christian and Jewish Interfaith Center has recently commissioned the creation of a cross sculpture which will be displayed prominently in the Center's lobby. It is an important piece of art that symbolizes the hopes, motivations, intentions and function of the center which is primarily to 'bridge' these two faiths that had been seemingly at odds time and again. The Center recognizes the importance of religious tolerance and diversity as well as the instalment of dignity and respect in the practice of faith. The centre hopes that via an interfaith collaboration, the barriers that drive religious intolerance that deter the faithful from enjoying a fruitful relationship with those whose faith are other than their own will be 'bridged'. While the Center had been established to bridge Christianity and Judaism, the ideals behind the sculpture ...

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    The solution is a 1,010-word narrative that presents a sample commission statement discussing the merits, importance and relevance of a cross sculpture in the lobby of a new Christian and Jewish Interfaith Cultural and Historical Center. References are included for further studies on the topic. A word version of the solution is included for easy printing and digital use.