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Politics of the 80's

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This posting describes the overall political culture of the 1980's. References are also provided to justify the assertions.

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Trends in Political culture: the 80's

The 80's were an interesting and dynamic time in American politics. The popular culture trends gave rise to new ideas and new approaches. In early 80's, Ronald Reagan, a popular American actor made history by being elected into Office. The 80's accelerated the issue of illegal drugs and due to the popular lifestyle of the fast-rising rock stars of the 70's and the 80's whose lives were featured in magazines, newspaper, television and music videos, thanks to early MTV, illegal drugs was a choice underground habit and underground economy. The demand was so high that it drove the Reagan administration to make fighting drugs a priority. This was the period where Colombia's ...

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The solutipn provises a discussipn of trends in politicical culture of the 80's.

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