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    Sarah Hale's Influence

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    Read the following biographies of Sarah Hale, found at: http://www.uvm.edu/~hag/godey/hale.html and http://www.librarycompany.org/women/portraits/hale.htm.

    Do you believe that her influence on women did more to help elevate women from their sphere's, or did her views on the proper housewife and her views against the work of suffragists actually hurt women's push into a more equal society. Why, or why not?

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    On Sarah Hale

    Sarah Hale was early America's Martha Stewart and Oprah Winfrey combined. She was creative, resourceful and intelligent and her beliefs in education, strong family ties as well as social morality and equality established much of the moral thought shared by the people of her time, even John Adams. Consider this -her magazine, the first one for women was so successful that she dictated or rather influenced much of what was socially acceptable fashion in terms of clothing as well as etiquette. Her family and then her husband were all educated men and women and supported the continued education as well as access to education of women - she believed that women have the same rights and privileges to knowledge as men did and with her husband, she started a literary club from where she began to develop her own skills as a writer which became the seed for all her future endeavours despite her being a widow. But the rigid observation to what she saw was gender morality as well as gender ...

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