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Roosevelt and the New Deal Programs

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I need help understanding this assignment. I have read it over many times, but I need someone to explain it to me in their own words.

The assignment is as follows:
Investigate some of the New Deal programs that FD Roosevelt instituted. Select one of these programs that you think would be effective today. Explain how and why the government should implement the program. Anticipate your opponents arguments about constitutionality and defend the policy's legality.

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The expert examines Roosevelt and the New Deal programs. One of the programs that are effective today are determined.

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One major component of FDR's "New Deal" was the establishment of the "Civilian Conservation Corps" (CCC). The CCC's tasks included planting trees, fighting forest fires building ranger stations and lookout towers in national parks and installing telephone lines. The workers (most of whom were men) were housed and fed and paid a dollar a day in addition to learning trade skills. The CCC would take 2.5 million men off of welfare and put them to work.

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