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Indian Reorganization Act

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List three major events or high points of the 1920's, and identify their contributions to America. Please include a variety of different topics.

In 1934 many of the first new Deal programs were enacted. The New Deal programs were social and economic programs created by President Roosevelt in hopes of bringing the country out of the Depression. Many of the first new Deal programs were enacted, while others would eventually be ruled as unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. Evaluate some of these programs and their effects on American society.
1) Provide a basic overview of the Indian Reorganization Act, and highlight its main points and objectives.
2) What were the long term consequences?

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The Wheeler-Howard Act is generalized for the purpose of motive and possible longer-term consequences of such an act.

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The Indian Reorganization Act (or Wheeler-Howard Act) was put into effect in 1934 for a number of reasons. The chief reason, however, was that of an attempt to protect Native American civil rights. And by such phrase we mean not any rights that a U.S. citizen might have, ...

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