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In what ways did blacks and whites respond to the end of slavery?
What changes in race relations occurred as a result of emancipation?

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The end of slavery, having been imposed on the South by the victorious
<br>North at the end of the Civil War, was accepted by the South only by
<br>force of arms where it was accepted, and rejected by force of arms in
<br>the few quarters where it was still openly rejected.
<br>Whites reacted differently to the end of slavery, depending on their
<br>points of view with respect to the Reconstruction governments which
<br>were established in the South after the Civil War.
<br>Those favoring these governments, known as "carpetbaggers" (if they
<br>were from the North) or "scalawags" (if they were from the South),
<br>tended to view the end of slavery as a political opportunity, as it
<br>was generally conceded that newly-enfranchised black voters would vote
<br>in politicians that were favorable to the goals of Reconstruction.
<br>Those opposing these governments tended to view the end of slavery
<br>as an open door to corruption and mismanagement - indeed, many at the
<br>time played upon a double meaning of the word "white" in forming
<br>organizations such as the "White League", a group which was
<br>simultaneously racist and anti-corruption (unsullied by the "dark
<br>stains of corruption", in other words.) It was the view of such
<br>anti-corruption movements that newly-enfranchised black voters, being
<br>poorly educated (and, they would claim, incapable of being properly
<br>educated) ...

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