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Costs in Afghanistan and Vietnam Wars

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Only the wars in Afghanistan and Vietnam lasted longer than the Revolutionary War. Why was the war so lengthy and what were the costs involved for the British and for the Americans? You might consider not only loss of life and munitions, but also political, social and actual economic costs.

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The costs in Afghanistan and Vietnam Wars are provided.

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The Revolutionary War was extremely long for a myriad of reasons notwithstanding the fact that the newly formed army wasn't an army at all in the general sense of an armed force. The initial American Revolutionary army was a rag tag group of militias from various states within the 13 states that comprised the states who were fighting for their freedom from Britain. Therefore, they had little to no actual combat experience aside from the generals such as Washington and others who had fought in the British/Indian wars against the French and Spanish forces.

Other reasons for why the war lasted ...

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