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Mongols website evaluation

Website: http://afe.easia.columbia.edu/mongols/

Detailed description of the site
Credibility of the site's author
How knowledgeable is the author on this subject?
What evidence is offered to support that authority?
Accuracy of the site's information
Are sources for information clearly listed so they can be verified?
Are there grammatical and spelling errors?
Are source materials complete or edited?
Are all images identified with proper citations?
Site bias
Is there reason to suspect bias?
If there is any commercial advertising on the site?
If there is a political/ideological/religious or other agenda?
Site purpose
To provide general, or scholarly, information?
To persuade? To entertain? To explain?
How current is the information on the site?
Do any links on the site lead you to any related material? Are the links easy to navigate?
Site Design. Consider these issues:
Is the text easy to read?
Does the site's structure and navigation make sense?
Do the graphics contribute to your understanding or appreciation of the material?
What might you suggest to make this site more effective?

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This website is a featured module about the Monglos that is posted on a site called "Asia for Educators," a resouce created by the Weatherhead East Asian Institute at Columbia University. The site was created to educate and help those who are teaching East Asian history. The site in question is one of the many featured modules that has been posted. It is very well organized with helpful photos and links to further information. There are different subheadings that are links to information on the Mongol way of life (ie. thier nomadic lifestyle, how they provided subsistance for themselves), details about thier conquests, the mark they left on the rest of the world and China, and information on specific 'key figures' in Mongol history such as Genghis Khan and Khubilai Khan. The site provides ...

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This is an evaualtion of a website entitiled 'Mongols' that was posted by the 'Asia for Educations' website.