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Machiavelli's The Prince

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Citing specific evidence from Machiavelli's The Prince: identify, and briefly explain, the qualities of the ideal political leader.

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Machiavelli cites numerous qualities of the ideal political leader in the book The Prince. The examples can be found in chapters XV to XXIII, which focus on the qualities of the prince himself. He emphasizes that a prince must have good military knowledge. According to Machiavelli, military knowledge is one of the most important qualities a prince can have. Below are 2 quotes from the books as evidence (Chapter 14-What might pertain to a prince concerning the military):

"...among the causes of evil which being unarmed brings you, it makes you contemptible, which is one of those infamies against which the prince must guard himself."


"...a prince must not have any objective nor any thought, nor take up any art, other than ...

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This solution examines the qualities of the ideal political leader by utilizing Machiavelli's The Prince.