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John Gotti's Criminal Development

John Gotti received more publicity than any previous crime figure. Discuss the theories developed by Sutherland, Merton, and others and compare and contrast them regarding which would appropriately describe Gotti's criminal development.

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Let us begin by discussing the progression of John Gotti's criminal career. He was born on October 27, 1940 to an immigrant family who had absolutely no association with organized crime. In fact, they were hard working, good people. His father worked as a day laborer and often had problems finding work (as most immigrants did at the time) and his mother stayed at home and took care of the family. They moved around a lot in New York when he was young until they finally settled in a home in East New York (which was known for gang activity at the time). It was probably all that his parents could afford.

When John Gotti was 12, he found a job as an errand boy for a mafia-associated underground club. This began his crime career because it put him into direct association with people like Angello Dellacroce (who was also a famous mobster). Soon after finding this job, John Gotti became the leader of a gang called the Fulton Rockaway Boys which were famous for committing robberies and car jackings. "He was considered a bully and constant discipline problem at Franklin K. Lane High School until he dropped out at 16. By the age of 18, the police department ranked Gotti as a low-level associate in the Fatico crew" (Bio True Story). At this point in his life and crime career, you can begin to see a progression from obtaining an honest job as an errand boy, to associating with mafia members, to joining a gang, to his low level association in Fatico's crew (which was a mafia group). Keep in mind, up until age 12, John Gotti's life was clean and crime free. By age 18 due to his ...

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