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    Imperialism and globalization

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    This job explains briefly how and why do people around the world view the links between imperialism and economic globalization.

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    This is a very interesting question. In order to understand this, you have to have an appreciation of the history of colonial expansion, not only European, but Asian and American as well. Certain powers over the years -- the main European powers ones being Britain, France, Belgium, and Spain -- had a massive urge to conquer and exploit the rest of the world for their own ends.

    Although Europe makes up only 6.6% of the world's land surface, yet because Europeans were the first to acquire advanced weapons on account of the Industrial Revolution, they attacked and conquered most of the rest of the world with the few exceptions of Persia, Afghanistan, Thailand, Japan, and most of China. This is an amazing record of conquest (or "colonial expansion" if you prefer a more polite term).

    (Of course, Afghanistan has fallen now, and Persia, i.e. Iran, is being flagged next.)

    But notice that colonial expansion or ...

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    Imperialism and globalization are discussed in personal terms.